Custom metal stamping

            The process of custom metal stamping involves cutting metal alloys and shaping them a certain way so they can be used as parts in computers, machines, electronics and many other products. This is what we have done at Hueibin Enterprise Corporation and with great success. The types of metals we typically use in our custom metal stamping process include aluminum, titanium, nickel, steel and zinc. These are very inexpensive metals that provide a good outcome for the finished end product. When these metals go through the stamping process they are molded down and shaped in a way that is cost effective and efficient in order to produce a lot of parts quickly. Since most of our clients are companies looking to purchase lots of metal parts at once, we typically have to produce them all quickly in order to accommodate their needs. Our clients will get discounts when they order metal stamping parts in bulk like this.  

            Custom metal stamping is a unique craft because it requires paying close attention to the specifications of the parts that need to be made. Many other metal stamping companies don’t offer customization services like we do. They will just provide their customers with generic designs without catering to their specific length, height, thickness and other requirements. If clients were to end up with metal parts that don’t allow their end products to function properly, then their investment into the metal parts would have been a waste. Custom metal stamping eliminates this risk because it makes sure the metal parts will be compatible with the client’s end products before they are massively produced.

When clients inquire about getting a custom metal stamping job done, we will review the information they provide about the parts and then go over with them what the costs will be to complete the job. Then after a deal is made and the job begins, our clients are always kept in the loop about the progress of the work. They will even receive pictures of sample parts that have been manufactured just to make sure they meet their needs. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we have an ISO 9001 certification to prove it. To make an inquiry into your metal stamping services, visit and visit the “contact us” page to find our email address and phone number. All inquiries will receive a response within 24 business hours. If your inquiry is about a specific metal part that you need to be manufactured, please be sure to include information about that part when contacting us.