The challenge with designing medical devices is striving for end products that address clinical needs, human error, and patient safety. Medical device design is becoming more complex and technologically challenging as device manufacturers pay close attention to the consumer electronics industry when considering advancements in design and usability. In our Custom Metal Stamping Services, miniaturization continues to be a hot trend in medical device design and more than ever before, speed to market is often the key competitive advantage for product launches. Hueibin provides precision die casting components for medical devices that meet the needs of multiple users, varied environments, and patient variability. 


Stainless steel and machined aluminum are not the only choices for manufacturing components that come in contact with the human body. Where medical devices must interact with tissues or bodily fluids, a variety of special coatings can be applied to die castings in order meet rigorous testing and validation required by the FDA/ EMEA. Hueibin Enterprises Corp offers a wide range of alloys, so never have to limit your material choice in custom metal stamping ever again. 


Surgical Devices

Surgical devices can be as specialized and varied as the field of medicine. Traditionally, stainless steel and machined aluminum were thought to be the only materials that would meet FDA approval for manufacturing biocompatible medical devices. But today a wide variety of components that go into medical devices are die castings. Zinc die castings present substantial cost savings for medical device companies, and Hueibin’s proprietary multi-slide die casting process lends itself to manufacturing these components, no matter how small or complex.

Therapy & Diagnostics

Intelligent therapy and diagnostic devices used to help screen, assess, and diagnose patients must be designed with a high-level of sophistication for easy and effective use in the lab or at the patient’s home. For device manufacturers, offering state-of-the-art tools with ergonomic design means considering durability, appearance, and weight in addition to function. Hueibin’s precision custom metal stamping  components offer a range of options to exceed the requirements for design flexibility, material, precision, and surface finishes.

Medical Electronic Equipment

As electronic medical equipment becomes increasingly sophisticated and powerful, so do the electronic components they contain. Keeping these electronics cool is important to their reliability and lifespan. High-performance heat sinks prevent the electronics from overheating and damaging or ruining the medical equipment. Die cast housings are extremely durable and can integrate heat sinks with their product design. Cosmetic requirements with the need for heat dissipation have made us the source of a non-invasive hemoglobin measurement device, cast with precision in zinc.

Benefits of Custom Metal Die Casting for Medical Equipment

When designing your next medical or surgical device, consider die casting as your process of choice. When you partner with Hueibin you can receive the following benefits from our die casting processes:

  • Complex net-shape components
  • Consistent quality over high volumes
  • Cost-effective, high-volume production
  • Tight tolerances achieved as-cast
  • Cast housings are extremely durable
  • Integration of heat sinks within product design
  • Fully recyclable for achieving stricter product legislation
  • Wide variety of finishes from high-specification plating to cosmetic finishes
  • Value engineering achieves cost savings
  • Minimal draft angles on internal features