Stamping OEM / ODM

            Hueibin Enterprise Corporation / Taiwan Stamping Parts Company  is a metal stamping ODM / OEM that is located in Taiwan. Most manufacturers are either an original design manufacturer or an original equipment manufacturer, but not both. Our company is a rare gem from Taiwan that can manufacturer either the parts for an end product or the end products themselves. We have been doing both kinds of manufacturing for over 30 years and we have gotten nothing but positive feedback from our international base of clients. These are clients from a variety of industries including hardware, home improvement, automotive, computer, electronic and many others. It doesn’t matter if you need cases for your computers manufactured or an entire security camera for your office building. If the parts or products you need can be made with metal then we are the ones to take on the job for you.

            Stamping OEM / ODM involves metal alloys that get cut up and reshaped into the parts or products that you desire. We have very sophisticated machines that allow us to do this work very easily, so it will be a simple task for us to accomplish. All we need from you are your manufacturing specifications for the product or part that is getting pressed and we will do it for you. The metals we typically use include nickel, titanium, steel, zinc and aluminum. These are very affordable metals that are still strong enough to make a quality product. It also makes it easier to mass produce these products when using these kinds of metals. That way, both our costs and our clients’ costs will be reduced as much as possible. As a company that has an ISO 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization, we are sure you will be impressed with our high-quality level of customer service and support.

                You can see examples of the kinds of parts we manufacture by visiting You will also find our contact information in case you have a question or feel like taking the next step by trying to set up an order. Don’t worry about the quantity size because we will manufacture any number of parts that you need. The more parts that your order contains, the bigger your discount will be. This will be discussed with you at further length once you contact us. Along with our free consultation, you will receive a free estimate on the manufacturing costs based on the information you give us.