Pressing parts in Taiwan

            There is a good reason why companies around the world prefer to have pressing parts in Taiwan to be the basis of their end products back home. The Hueibin Enterprise Corporation / Taiwan Stamping Parts is a Taiwanese pressing parts manufacturer which is trusted by many international companies in the automotive industry, computer industry, and various other industries. Not only that, but we are a much more affordable manufacturer than our competition and we use inexpensive metals which are durable and reliable in our pressing parts. The machines we use to press parts were made by Komatsu Co. Ltd. in Japan. Their machines are known for their quality and stability in the manufacturing process. Some of these machines include robotic welding machines, high-speed presses, drill presses, CNC machines, spinning lathes and many others. With all of the right tools and experienced minds working on our side, we are confident we can press parts according to your needs.

            Hueibin Enterprise Corporation / Taiwan Stamping Parts has been pressing parts in Taiwan for over 30 years. We have a superb track record for customer service and are ISO 9001 certified by the International Organization for Standardization. This is a certification which companies get who have proven to maintain a high rate of customer satisfaction. The way we are able to do this is by catering to our clients’ needs by customizing their parts exactly how they want them to be. This is certainly better than purchasing generic parts for more money which likely won’t be compatible with your end product. We can assure you that the parts we press for you will function with your end product. All you have to do is provide us with the specifications for those parts and then we will do the rest.

            The website for Hueibin Enterprise Corporation can be found at There you can learn more about our company and the pressing parts that we manufacture. There is also a link to contact us on the top of the page in case you have a question or are interested in purchasing our services. Each potential client will get a free consultation along with an estimate on the cost for pressing their parts. Even though we are based in Taiwan, we can ship to clients in most countries around the world. The two most popular shipping options for bulk orders for parts include freight and air shipping. The size of your order will determine which shipping method gets used, but we recommend freight as an economical shipping choice. Give us a call today and lets see how Taiwan Stamping Parts can help you.

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