We can produce any custom metal stamping part that you require, we can even help you to design your own part with our in house design engineers. We have produce many different metal stamping parts for use in LED.


LED metal part Taiwan stamping-parts-LED parts-1

                             LED Lampshade                                                                            LED heat sink

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                                                                                     LED heat sink


LED Parts

            LED lights are more commonly found throughout homes and office buildings. The main reason they are so popular is because they are energy efficient and produce a better quality shine in the room they are in. You can find LED lights that come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found in both ceiling, table lamps, digital cameras, Smartphones, GPS devices and more. But what people often don’t think about are the various parts that make up these LED lights and how they make them function. The two most common pieces are the LED heat sink and the LED lampshade. If your LED light ever stops working or has problems then it is likely due to one of these parts. The unfortunate thing is you won’t find too many LED parts at your local hardware store that will fit your own LED light because there are just too many brands of LEDs out there already. It would be impossible for a hardware store to hold the parts for every single LED light brand in existence. The only option left is to go to a metal stamping service and have the LED replacement parts that you need personally manufactured for you. 

            Hueibin Enterprise Corporation is metal stamping company that has thrived in the industry for over 30 years. We have clients from all around the world who order LED parts from us and have nothing but positive feedback to give to us. If you need to order any particular type of LED part from us then send over the specifications of the parts you need made and we will produce them for you through custom metal stamping. This means no matter what size or shape the object is, we will be able to produce it through the metal stamping of one of our many metal alloys; nickel, zinc, titanium, steel and aluminum.

            If you want to get really creative them we can help design your own LED lights by creating all customized parts. Our design engineers have done this for a whole international base of customers and they can do the same for you. Just let us know as much information about the light you had in mind and we will do our best to create it for you. We are ISO 9001 certified, which means we only produce quality products. Furthermore, we don’t rest until we produce the parts that you originally wanted.