Stamping parts for hardware products

            Hardware products are all around us. Anytime you see a metal object on an item, whether big or small, then chances are that metal part was manufactured by a metal stamping company like the Hueibin Enterprise Corporation. Stamping parts for hardware products is what we have done for over 30 years. The kinds of customers who purchase these parts from us are homeowners, hardware stores, construction companies and home improvement businesses from around the world. If you think about the place that requires hardware the most, it is everything inside and outside of a home. Metal parts such as clips, frames, back frames, gutters, and door knobs are just a fraction of the metal parts we stamp on a weekly basis. When you look around your own home and see these parts, just remember that it was a company like ours that manufactured them through the metal stamping process.

            Now you may think it would be easier to just go to your local hardware or home improvement store to purchase these parts for your hardware products. The problem is these local sources do not offer discounts if you purchase the parts in bulk. Not only that, but you can’t get these parts customized by local retailers either. The Hueibin Enterprise Corporation is one of few metal stamping companies in the world that offers custom stamping parts for hardware products. All you have to do is send us the information about the parts that you need made and we will do our best to manufacture these parts according to your specifications. That way you know they will be compatible with your hardware products before you even receive them. This will give you peace of mind that your investment will pay off without any risk on your end.

            You can find out more information about our hardware parts by visiting our website at and going to Products, and then Building Hardware. You will see examples of the kinds of hardware parts we make as well as a brief explanation about our history in this field. Every hardware part we manufacture comes from Taiwan and there is no quantity limit set. You could have a small order of 10 parts or a huge order of 10,000 parts and we will satisfy either order. Of course, the bigger your orders are the bigger your discount will be. Details about this will be discussed when you contact us.