Custom stamping parts

            Custom stamping parts are in high demand from companies of many industries throughout the world. The reason for this demand has to do with their end products more than anything else. With computer and electronic technology becoming more sophisticated in the 21st century, this means virtually all the parts of these technological devices need to be customized to their specifications in order to sustain their functionality. In other words, you cannot use generic parts in computers or electronic devices anymore because they will either conk out fast or cause damage to the product. That is why custom stamping parts are so crucial for both individuals and companies to use when manufacturing end products like these. Besides, purchasing generic metal parts from your local hardware or electronics store will force you to pay retail. This means you will be paying more money than you have to, especially if you buy in bulk. But if you were to purchase parts in bulk from us, you would receive a big discount.  Therefore, the choice is obvious.

            The Hueibin Enterprise Corporation has been manufacturing custom stamping parts for over 30 years. We have done business with companies in almost every industry imaginable such as computer, automotive, telecom, hardware and many others. If you have ever seen a metal part in virtually any product then chances are it was manufactured by a company like ours, or maybe even by our actual company. Items like electronics, cars, computers, cookware, jewelry, and appliances are just some examples of end products that use our custom made parts in them. The metals we typically use in the stamping process involve zinc, aluminum, titanium, nickel or steel. These metals are cost effective when used to produce custom parts in large quantities. But don’t worry because these metals are durable enough to ensure that your end products have a long lifespan.  

                Our website is located at and there you can learn more about our company and see examples of parts we can manufacture. However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the parts you’re looking for on the website because they are just examples. Most of the custom stamping parts that we manufacture are done discretely between the client and ourselves. So if you have some specific part that needs to get made that nobody else has manufactured before, just send us over the specifications and we will manufacture your custom part for you.  Taiwan Stamping Parts is a high quality parts company in Taiwan