Hueibin Enterprise Corp. in Taiwan has been manufacturing and designing custom computer cases, racks and a long list of computer related accessories since 1976 

           stamping-parts-3C products-1          stamping-parts-3C products-2

                             The Base of Monitor                                           Computer Control Panel

           stamping-parts-3C products-3                     stamping-parts-3C products-4

                              Television Fixed Stand                                         Hard Stand For Notebook

                                            stamping-parts-3C products-5                                    stamping-parts-3C products-6

                        Aluminum Board of Computer                                     Computer Control Panel

          stamping-parts-3C products-7          stamping-parts-3C products-8

                 Computer Hardware Fixed Stand                                    Metal Meshes of LCD Panel Speaker

          stamping-parts-3C products-9          stamping-parts-3C products-10

                 Metal Meshes of Notebook Speaker                              Metal Meshes of Notebook Speaker

          stamping-parts-3C products-11         stamping-parts-3C products-16

                 Metal Meshes of Notebook Speaker                                             Connector

         stamping-parts-3C products-18 Computer metal cover          stamping-parts-3C products-13 computer metal brace

              Industrial Panel PC portable stand                                           Server Chassis

         Metal Stamping Computer Case          stamping-parts-3C products-19 metal computer stamping part

              Server Chassis                                                                  Industrial Panel PC portable stand  

         stamping-parts-3C products-15 computer metal cover case          stamping-parts-3C products-12 Computer Case

         Server Chassis                                                                              Server Chassis

         stamping-parts-3C products-17         stamping-parts-3C products-20

                COB Connecter                                                                        Speaker Stand

We are able to make any type of custom computer case or housing that you may require. Email us your specifications and any special requirement for a fast price quote. If your looking for one prototype or full production runs we are able to provide you with cost effective price with excellent quality and a fast turn around..