Hueibin Enterprise Corp provides many benefits to its employees along with excellent working conditions. If you are looking for a long term career and have the skills we require please feel free  to check our page  Vaccanices  and Jobs  for  job openings.  Hueibin Enterprise Corp  recognizes all employee needs.


Profits Sharing Plan 
* Year-end bonus
* Performance bonus, project bonus 
* Profit sharing and stock subscription
* Enlistment bonuses

Diverse Benefits Plan
* Recognition ceremony for senior employees 
* Subsidies for education and training 
* Year-end banquet
* Subsidies for Travel
* Scholarships for employees and their children
* Dedicated parking spaces for employees
* Subsidies for weddings, funerals and hospitalization
* Labor cash gifts, cash gifts Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn gifts and gifts
Sick leave and maternity leave

Comprehensive Welfare Package 
* Retirement plan
* Health insurance plan
* Employee group insurance 
* Accident insurances for expatriate employees
* Regular health examination
* Dormitory with comfortable and safe living environment
* Employee cafeteria and meal subsidies
*  5-Day work week