Hueibin Enterprise Corp

Hueibin Enterprise Corp has been leading pioneers in the metal stamping industry since 1976. Based in Taiwan and with a factory of over 3300 square meters, the company covers quality metal stamping throughout Asia.

Metal stamping is the difficult process of transforming sheet metal into different shapes and parts, with the help of dies. Hueibin Enterprises offers a variety of high quality metal stamped parts, as well as making casting, plastic injection moulding, rubber moulding, extrusion and blowing services available throughout Taiwan.

The company performs services on a huge scale and has affiliations and relationships with many other sectors due to the services they provide to them. For example, much of Hueibin’s work involves the manufacture of metal stamped products for household appliances and for the automotive industry. They are also known to produce parts for external use, such as rain gutters.

Since the late 1970’s Hueibin Enterprise Corp has been manufacturing and designing metal stamped computer accessories, namely cases, racks and monitor bases. The vision of the company is impressive, they knew they had tapped into a huge market with the computer industry and this has allowed the business to thrive through the decades.

It is perhaps the decision to begin manufacturing for the computer industry that has been the defining factor in Hueibin’s success and they still continue today to make computer parts and accessories.

Following this success and the growth of the computer industry, the company now has improved technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Even today Hueibin Enterprise Corp is still one of the leading and most respected metal stamping brands in the world.

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