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Metal stamping is a process by which metal alloys is cut and later shaped into a particular form enabling it to use it as parts for large machineries.  Though the most commonly used metals are zinc, steel, aluminum, nickel and titanium it can molded into several shapes, but considered to be a cost-effective process and the most effective way of boosting up large scale production of several types of products.

Why metal stamping is important?

Ideal for every industry, metal stamping is utilized in vehicles in its various intricate components.  Hard to believe, but it has widespread usage even in shops and can also be used in airplanes.  Apart from all these it has widespread usage in various appliances, jewelry, electronic items and even in cookware.

How we stand out to be the best Taiwan Stamping Parts

Hueibin Enterprise Corp ?

We make custom metal stampings using machine with progressive die stamping which appears to be the most common method out of the other types of stampings resulting in more accuracy because of its speed due to pilots used in the dies.  Best quality custom stamping parts can be offered to diverse industries as we are famous in this industry for the best solution for all your requirements.  A wide variety of choices that we offer to our customers includes stamping, different casting, molding, tooling design, it maintenance and many more.  Everything under a single roof, we make available the right equipment to get your operation done successfully, even the various tooling equipment to presses used for stamping that match up your requirements and we are capable enough to take up other operations like tapping, drilling, conventional milling and even electroplating.  We are capable enough of supplying different parts used in different industries like hardware industry, automotive industry and motor parts designing industries.   Though it involves several steps for redefining the metal, the different procedures that we adopt depends solely on the industry in which it is being used.  Incorporating the latest technology and developments we always come up with quality parts as we give much emphasis on quality as well as customer satisfaction.  We value our customers hence much focus is also given on designing as it may vary according to the project in the case of automotive parts.  We respect our clients their money and time hence we are even ready to offer secondary operations which will be crucial to the clients. Custom packaging, electroplating, precision components and assembly are also offered to our clients matching their requirements.  Pioneers in this field we provide you with the best whatever be the type of industry.

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