In May 1976, Hueibin was established in the fourth park of Taoyuan High-tech Industrial Town. Since    then, we have taken our part in the stamping business. With the motto of “technical innovation” and  “continuous improvement of quality”, we always try our best to fit the customer’s satisfaction. The    customer satisfaction is our highest and the most important policy.

In the early years, we started to produce custom  computer and electronic components and became main partner of many companies in Taiwan. We have innovated technology, perfect manufacturing process  and  strict quality control.

In 1985, we were involved in the manufacturing business of custom auto parts. And we produced automobile electronic machinery components with famous auto manufacturers. In the same year, we obtained the  qualification to manufacture and supply military goods with the Ministry of National Defense.

To fit the customer’s needs, we produce custom  goods as customer’s wish. Our products include auto parts, computer parts, motor parts, building hardware, 3C products, LED light parts and a wide range of custom metal stamping products.

We use the machines made by Komatsu Co. Ltd. in Japan to enhance the stability of our quality.

We have the capability of precise gauge-designing. Through these gauges, we achieve the policy of strict quality control.

Over more than 30 years, we have rich experiences of the development of progressive tool to make our process line more efficient and automated.


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