3C Products

            3C Products, or custom computer case products, are extremely beneficial for people who want to build their computer or find a replacement case for their computer which cannot be obtained from the original manufacturer. Hueibin Enterprise Corp has almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing and designing custom computer cases as well as racks and other computer accessories. Some of our most frequent orders for customized parts include the base of monitors, computer control panel, hard stand for notebook, server chassis, speaker stand, television fixed stand and more. Whatever type of case or accessory you need, we can accommodate your wishes.

            Computer cases are important because they protect the internal structure of your computer system. This is the area made up of your computer’s components such as the circuit boards, electrical wires and so on. It is important to have a case that is fully intact and without any imperfections, or else you are risking damage to your computer’s components. The people who typically order our computer cases have either damaged their old cases or they simply want a cosmetic makeover by having us design them a case that looks completely different. Even though the shape and style of the case should match the previous case, this doesn’t mean the material and cosmetic design can’t be changed. Perhaps you want a white server chassis instead of a black chassis or metal meshes for your speakers instead of plastic meshes. We will work hard to manufacture and design the customized case you envisioned for your computer equipment.

            If you are interested in having Hueibin Enterprise design you a customer computer case for your computer or accessory, then send us an email with your specifications for the case and how fast you want the price quote. Since every customer’s project is unique, we have to study all of their specifications down to the last detail before we can quote a price. This is why we don’t advertise prices on our website. Our 3C products business strictly deals with customized parts and there are a number of variables that go into determining the price. We need to know how fast you want the parts, the material for the parts, the size, the shape and any other unique features about your project’s design. Once we have all this calculated and figured out, we will send you a price quote with an itemized list of all the factors that went into obtaining the price. That way you will know everything about what we are doing and where your money is going.