As technology constantly innovates, it simplifies certain aspects of life and makes others more complex. This is most evident in the field of medicine.

The medical industry, specifically those engaged in the manufacture of medical instruments, devices and implants, is advancing at a pace faster than we can adapt.

As these innovations are introduced in an equally rapidly growing market, there is definitely an exorbitant price at stake. The challenge starts where necessity must meet cost at an agreeable range.

This very challenge works in favor of custom metal stamping manufacturers like us than machining. Thus, it allows us to embrace technology advances in a broader extent.  

We can stamp from the very small, very complex metal shapes to the precise and exact specifications required by the medical industry. We have metal stamped a lot of components used in a wide range of medical instruments, devices and implants.

Like for surgical instruments, jaw housings used to be machined from a metal tube. For a span of time, it was the only way to do it. Today, we can stamp it to tolerances well within the exact requirements of the health care industry and at half the cost of machined ones.

There are implantable components of implantable devices such as battery cases and free-standing medical components as brackets, clips and clamps. With our cutting-edge micro-stamping equipment and techniques, we can manufacture these easily and cost-effectively.

Various medical devices are designed for permanent implantation into the human body, the likes of drug pumps, cochlear devices, pacemakers and internal defibrillators.  All these require enclosures to protect them from the human body or be rejected as foreign objects. As these are almost exclusively made out of titanium, we can stamp this like how we do it with steel.

These are just a few examples of the complex medical-grade components we do. We continually pursue a never-ending balancing act between precision and quality with size and cost.