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Custom Stamping Parts Made in Taiwan and China!

Hueibin Enterprise Corporation has been a custom metal stamping parts manufacturer since 1976. The reason why our operations have been able to sustain 30 years of growth is because of the satisfaction we give to our clients all around the world.  The Taiwan stamping parts our company produces are only top quality and to the exact specifications of our clients. But we are different than other stamping parts manufacturers because of our customization services for these parts. You will often come across stamping companies that will mass produce the same generic auto parts, 3C products, LED parts and hardware. The problem with using generic parts is that they may not be compatible with the machine or device you are purchasing them for. Once you start mixing incompatible parts in with your machine then it will increase the chances of malfunction or damage to it. For those purchasing generic auto parts, it is even worse because you could be putting your life in danger if you are operating a motor vehicle with incompatible parts. When you buy your parts from Hueibin Enterprise Corporation, you will only get parts that are suitable towards the specific machines you need them for.

            Another reason we are one of the best stamping parts manufacturers in the industry is because we take orders for both individual parts and bulk amounts of parts. For example, if you are just a person who needs a new rain gutter for their home, you can send us the specifications and size requirements of your rain gutter and we will manufacture it for you. Most stamping companies will force you to buy hundreds or even thousands of gutters before they create a customized version for you. Hueibin Enterprise Corporation has no restricts on the number of parts you order. So whether you are an individual or a big retail business, our company will be able to successfully manufacture any metal stamping parts that you need customized for you needs. The metals we use to make these parts will commonly be steel, zinc, titanium, nickel or aluminum.

            Thank you again for visiting our website. We have customized the design to make it easy to navigate and see examples of what we have to offer. The parts listed on our products page are only a small fraction of what we can produce. If you have any questions about our capabilities or the extent of our customization services then feel free to contact us and we will do our best to address your concerns
Fast turn around from design to full metal stamping production.
Hueibin Enterprise Corp based in Taiwan is a brand you can trust.
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Some of the markets we serve with our metal stamping parts are the automobile industry, building hardware and computer industry just to name a few.
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